Understanding why electric scooters are such a rage

Mobility scooters are gaining ground consistently. An increasing number of individuals with restricted mobility are breaking the myth and using electric scooters to move around conveniently. These individuals are also experiencing hassle-free riding experience, thanks to the modern versions of mobility scooters. Moreover, manufacturers are rolling out a vast variety to cater to the specific needs of users of all demographics, occupations, and mobility restrictions. Let us delve deep into few other prominent factors that make mobility scooters such a rage.

A viable option for transportation
Mobility scooters come across as a viable option for transportation for infirm, elderly or anyone experiencing temporary or permanent mobility restrictions. They are easy to drive and maintain and hence, do not require much technical knowledge on the part of the user. Additionally, the marketplace is replete with electric scooters for all demographics, including children and adults, thereby allowing buyers to make appropriate choices. Products for all surfaces are also readily available.

No licensing requirements
In terms of speed, electric scooters are no match to the conventional ones. However, the restricted speed serves as an advantage. With a mobility scooter, you are relieved from investing significant time, effort, and money on attaining licenses, as such requirements are minimal or do not exist at all.

In a bid to stay competitive, manufacturers are striving to cut down overheads without compromising on quality. As such, you are in a position to access a decent product without going overboard with your expenses. The savings in the post-buying scenario comes in the form of minimal upkeep costs and zero fuel expenses, as mobility scooters run on rechargeable batteries.

Essential safety features
Modern day brands are incorporating features into their offerings that allow for safe rides, no matter what the driving or surface conditions are. Though the safety features vary from one brand to another, hand-operated acceleration control, rear brakes, and backlights are central elements across the board. Children’s safety is also catered to by all brands.

Portability was not a feature of mobility scooters in the early days. However, things have changed of late. Now, there are scooters that one can dismantle, fold, roll into a closet, and transport around in a car. The feature comes in handy in events of mechanical breakdown of the mobility scooter or when moving to a new place.

The present generation of electric scooters also delivers on comfort. You can easily find scooters with stable seats, adjustable backrest, and articulated front end. If your legs are severely impaired, the option of electric scooters with swiveling seats is also readily available.

While the conventional scooters consume fuel and generate poisonous gas, mobility scooters are an environment-friendly option. They run on electricity and hence, do not degrade the ecology with hazardous gas.

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    Public holidays and celebrations
    One of the most common reasons why schools release closing lists is to inform parents about the dates on which they will remain shut for state or national holidays such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Parents need to know some of these holidays in advance to plan their day and celebrations accordingly. All schools have to release an annual list where they mention all the dates on which the school will stay closed. These lists help parents avoid a lot of confusion. They are also helpful for planning vacations in advance.

    Bad weather school closing lists
    When a particular city or state is experiencing bad weather, the state officials declare precautionary holidays for school children. All schools have to strictly follow these announcements made by government officials to ensure that kids stay safe in situations such as floods, storms, hot weather, and other drastic weather conditions. At such times, schools release a closing list with the number of days off and other relevant instructions, if any. Local government bodies, newspapers, and news websites also publish school closing lists. Parents are supposed to look for the school’s name in these lists.

    National emergencies
    On rare occasions, school closing lists are announced such as in case of national emergencies like a terrorist attack, the spread of a contagious disease, and other serious reasons that call for the temporary closure of institutions like schools.

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    Again, this is a rare reason to release a school closing list. When teachers go on a strike in city, county or state, schools are forced to stay closed for a few days or until normalcy is restored. If it is a large scale strike, then the state education authorities create a school closing list and share it on relevant mediums so that parents and students are informed and updated about the situation.

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  • Invest in these top retirement bond funds for a carefree retirement

    “Retirement is a time for personal growth, which becomes a path to a greater personal freedom.” Your retirement is often the perfect time to delve into your hobbies and passions that took a sideline since you were engrossed in ensuring that you and your family lead a comfortable life. You would be taking a great risk if you didn’t start planning for your retirement while you are still working, and this retirement planning involves investing in the right places which will yield desirable output at the right time. Simply relying on your Social Security would threaten your peace of mind, and you would be left high and dry in case of emergencies.

    So, how does one lead an ideal retirement life? In addition to opting for retirement plans that your employer provides, such as 401(K) plans, it is imperative that you invest in the right, interest-yielding places. When you think interest, you think stocks. However, people harbor this misconception that stocks are foolproof, but the recent stock market crashes have proven that stocks can be perilous as well. In such cases, bonds are what seem like the ideal choice. There are a plethora of reasons why people opt to invest in bonds; bonds provide stability, pay interest regularly, are highly secure, and are a source of tax-free income.

    Here are some of the top retirement bond funds you can consider investing in.

    Fidelity ® Intermediate Bond Fund
    Fidelity Investments offers one of the top retirement bond funds and requires a minimum investment of $2,500. It is the ideal bond fund for those who are looking for the long-term investments in the time of rising interest rates. As the federal reserve is known to hike the rates at least thrice a year, it can exert pressure on long-dated bonds, and make shorter and intermediate-term fare more appealing. One can say that Fidelity ® Intermediate Bond Fund would be a safer investment for you if you have risker funds in your portfolio as this bond fund would act as a core anchor.

    Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Fund
    It is one of the top retirement bond investment funds as it requires only $1,000 as a minimum investment. Also, it is best-suited for those investors who have five to seven years to retirement as this fund expires in the year 2025. This retirement bond fund has the ability to withstand risks which arise from volatile stock and bond markets. This retirement bond fund invests in four of Vanguard’s index funds and holds approximately 65% of the assets in stocks and 35% in bonds. Also, this fund allocates 25.7% of its fixed income weight to the US bonds with 11% devoted to international debt.

    Buffalo Discovery Fund
    You are often advised against investing in companies that are still growing in a bid to steer clear off incurring any kind of losses. However, what most of us don’t realize that as long such a retirement bond is a moderate part of your portfolio, you won’t be coming in harm’s way. A growth fund from Buffalo Discovery Fund makes for a meaningful investment in small and mid-size operators. Moreover, your portfolio will be managed by efficient portfolio managers who engage in a disciplined approach to find opportunities that were overlooked, and unlike other retirement bond fund firms, with Buffalo Discovery Fund, it is not simply about tech and healthcare; they invest in other industries as well.

    VanEck Vectors® High-Yield Municipal Index ETF
    This is one of the top retirement bond funds, and it is a municipal bond. These function on the lines of the Treasurys as these are also in government debts but are issued by the state, countries, cities, and other municipalities. Investing in this retirement bond fund is quite sensible, even if these municipal bonds aren’t as secure as the Treasurys, they yield more than their other counterparts. Also, another sensible reason to invest in this retirement bond funds is that it offers more income than their headline yield indicates as they are exempted from federal taxes, and at times from the state and city taxes as well.

    If you invest in the right retirement bond fund, which yields the required results, you can live securely in your twilight years.

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