Headaches: Diagnosis and alternative treatments

Headaches can have various types, and in order to diagnose a particular headache, doctors usually study the condition, as well as the type of pain, which also includes the pattern of attacks. If the type of a headache appears to be complex, tests are prescribed which could include blood tests, X-rays, even brain scans, such as CT or MRI, so the pain can be diagnosed and appropriate headache treatment can begin.

The most common ways to treat headaches are taking proper rest and pain relief medicines. These generic pain relief medications are available over the counter (OTC), or you can consume the medicines as prescribed by the doctors.

It is important to follow the doctor’s advice because consuming a high dose of pain relief pills can further lead to rebound headaches. The treatment of rebound headaches, although, consists of stopping or avoiding pain relief medications. In several cases, however, a short stay in the hospital may be required to manage the pain in a more effective manner.

Headache relief and self-care
You can also undergo several steps to minimize the risks of headaches and to reduce the pain if they occur most often.

  • Simply use a heat or ice pack (hot or cold compress) on your head or neck, but ensure you prevent high temperatures.
  • You can even prevent stress wherever needed and improve healthy coping strategies for the unavoidable stress.
  • Always consume meals regularly and maintain a very stable blood sugar.

A hot shower can even assist in some cases as the hot water exposure can simply kick away the headaches. You can even try exercising regularly and rest properly to get overall health benefits.

Alternative headache treatments
There are actually many forms of alternative headache treatments, but it is great to consult a doctor before you make any major changes or start with any alternative treatment forms.

Alternative approaches also include acupuncture, cognitive behavior therapies, herbal and nutritional health products, and hypnosis and medications. However, researchers are unable to get the proper evidence that all of these methods work absolutely well.

Headaches may sometimes occur because of a deficiency of a specific nutrient such as magnesium and B vitamins. Nutrient deficiencies may also occur due to having a very poor-quality diet, which consists of malabsorption issues or any other kind of medical conditions.

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