Green drinks- your new health partner

Our unhealthy lifestyle and our tendency to prefer junk food over the healthy ones have resulted in our falling into the traps laid down by the fast food joints which serves us with mouthwatering delicacies but yet fail us on the health grounds. You get a rude wake up call when you see you are out of breath after climbing ten steps or you cannot bend over properly to tie your shoelaces as your paunch hinders this activity. After much self- introspection you decide that you have been reckless about your health and you start exercising. However, unless your eating habits undergo changes, your weighing scale would not budge.

In addition to healthy eating, why not try healthy drinking. Go easy on the beer for sometime and try some green drinks for a change. Your beer might give you a high but your green drinks would ensure perfect health for the rest of your life. But what exactly are green drinks and what is so special about these drinks? Well, green drinks or green smoothies are the new health drinks that are almost every health enthusiast’s new best friend. Green drinks are your new detox drinks made of fresh green veggies which would flush off all the toxins from your body.

The next question you pose would be why should I consume these green smoothies? Get ready to be surprised and read on.

  • They help you lose weight. Well, that should be enough to start appreciating this drink. Since these drinks have vegetables for its source, they are high in fiber, low in carbohydrates and do not mess with your blood sugar levels if you are suffering from it.
  • They are high in their calcium, potassium and magnesium content. They work wonders for your bones and does not contain high amount of sodium which inflicts irreparable damages.
  • These drinks keep cancer at bay since they are rich in carotenoids. Broccoli, kale, spinach, collard greens, etc. are the ones that you would be turning into smoothies if you wish to be on guard and prevent the life-threatening disease.
  • The the green veggies in these drinks are rich sources of vitamins A,D,C and the various antioxidants that your body needs in abundance to function and keep you healthy. Your dark leafy vegetable smoothie would also prevent blood clotting since it contains vitamin K

These  reasons must be quite enough to motivate you to make your own smoothie. Making green drinks isn’t a herculean task and you can look up recipes for the same on the internet. Include these drinks in your menu now to start your journey towards a healthier tomorrow.

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