4 pocket-friendly destinations to see around the world

Have you caught the travel bug but don’t have enough money? That is fine! The world is enormous and full of incredibly gorgeous places that you can explore on a budget. If you know just a few travel hacks, then even a seemingly expensive destination can be toured at a significantly cheaper cost. Here are the 4 best destinations from around the world that you can travel to and explore at affordable prices.


Southeast Asia has always been the favorite travel destination of virtually all budget-minded travelers. While most of the countries here are worth exploring, Cambodia is something exceptional. You need barely $50 per day in your wallet, and you’re all set to traverse the country. You can find delicious street food for only $2, transportation across the country costs as little as $20, and an air-conditioned room is available for only $20. Compared to its neighbor, Cambodia is the least expensive and just as beautiful. And, of course, don’t forget to visit the enormous Buddhist temple complex of Angkor Wat while you’re there.

Central America

Smaller Central American countries—Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala—are great destinations for your budget travel bucket list. You can easily find good hotels for only $15, meals for $3, and of course, beer for less than a dollar. Bus journeys across the country are also very cheap. Central America is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to explore the Mayan ruins in Guatemala, trek through the jungle, try surfing, and savor delicious food with tourists from across the world. You can travel this part of the world very comfortably in less than $60 a day.


If you can manage to survive on spicy food and avoid staying in five-star resorts, India is one of the most beautiful places that you can explore for less money. You can find good hotel rooms for about $25, meals for less than $1.5, and the country's railway is among the cheapest in the world. India has incredible regional diversity, deep cultural history, great tea, and mouthwatering cuisines for those who can’t stop digging on spicy food. From north to south, India has several beautiful trekking destinations and temples flocked by tourists from around the world.


If you’re planning to travel to Central Europe, make sure to stop by Hungary. The country’s historic capital on the Danube River, Budapest, is a must-visit travel destination for all. It’s a beautiful bargain where you can find delicious meals for $4, train tickets for $2, and great accommodation for less than $20 per night. If you’re looking to spend some quiet time in the countryside, you can travel to Lake Balaton in Transdanubia in western Hungary. It’s only a half-hour train ride from Budapest. Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe and a very popular summer destination among Hungarians. You can go swimming in the lake or hiking to the verdant northern hills before you drink locally produced wines from the vineyards across nearby Badacsony Hill.



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5 amazing hacks to book flights for cheap
Airfare is generally the most expensive part of a trip. If you’ve tried booking a flight before, you realize how frustrating it is to see the fare rise every time you search for the same flight. Airlines are trying their best to pull money out of our pockets, so we’ve to become smarter too. Here’s how you can find the cheapest flight possible:Go incognitoHave you noticed a fare hike after searching for the same flight a few times? This is not exactly happening because your flight is in demand. While the exact technical details about how this happens are uncertain, experts say that your browser cookies are to blame. So, it’s always recommended to search for and book a flight in your browser’s incognito mode. The incognito window resets your cookies each time you open it and can help you find a flight at a lower price. Having said that, it is still best to avoid searching for the same flight multiple times.The search engine mattersUsing the right search engine is very important to find the cheapest flight to your destination. Although there’s no single flight search engine that can help you get great deals, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Google Flights are the three favorite search engines among travelers right now. That being said, there’s never a guarantee that they are showing you the lowest prices, so you should check out a couple of other websites before booking.Pick the cheapest day to flyYou might have heard people saying that you can save money by flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but it’s not a consistent truth, and there is no “cheapest day of the week” to fly out. Instead, if you want to get an idea of which day(s) can be the least expensive to fly, you must get a quick visual of prices for a whole month. Flight search engines like Skyscanner, Kiwi.com, and Google Flights offer tools that can help you identify the cheapest days or months to fly to a particular destination.Choose a budget airlineFlying via budget airlines is a great way to get a really cheap flight. Budget airlines mostly offer significantly lower rates than bigger airlines, but this comes with compromises like less legroom and no free food or drinks and movies. If you’re ready to lose these luxuries to get a cheap flight, budget airlines are an ideal option for you. A word of caution: always read the fine print before booking, and check the location of the airport where the flight lands, as some budget airline flights land on airports further out of town.Subscribes to airlines’ newsletterSometimes, you can find the best deals directly on the airlines' websites. You can access these deals by subscribing to their newsletter and receive promo codes and special offers that help you book a flight for cheap. If you sign up for the newsletters of multiple airlines, you can create a separate email ID or use filters that automatically move emails to a specific folder so that you find them easily.
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4 luxurious hotels for your next overseas vacation
The travel and leisure industry has transformed the way people experience and enjoy an exotic getaway. With growing demand and equally high expectations, hotels and resort chains have to adapt to providing the best hospitality services while competing in a market with the top players. We bring you some of the best brands in the industry and weigh the pros and cons of choosing them to help you plan your next international vacation. Take a look.Banyan Tree Hotels & ResortsBanyan Tree is more than just a hotel brand, it is an experience that will redefine your travel expectations, and even experience, for good. After enjoying the exclusive offers at mesmerizing destinations around the world, you will find yourself becoming an appreciating patron of the luxurious amenities in no time. Plan your destination wedding at one of their exotic hotels overlooking majestic beauty, or enjoy a perfect romantic getaway on your honeymoon. Celebrate your anniversary or plan your next corporate retreat with Banyan Tree’s vacation and travel packages. You can also enjoy direct booking perks and flexible cancellation policies.Rosewood Hotels & ResortsThe residential-style hotels spread across continents are inspired by every destination’s culture and history to give you authentic travel experience. With 14 international city hotels and 13 exclusive resorts, Rosewood offers a luxurious 5-star experience. Currently, the brand has properties in 16 countries, and it offers the perfect venues and settings for you to plan your wedding, with hospitality services that have earned the hotel chain several accolades over the years. Or you can choose a luxurious 5-star location to host the next big international conference to promote your business. From ballrooms, conference rooms, and meeting venues to beach resorts for the next business retreat, Rosewood has it all.Tivoli Hotels & ResortsTivoli has been an engaged innkeeper for several decades since the chain of hotels was first launched in 1933. Magical settings, breathtaking destinations, and stunning venues at Tivoli’s exotic getaways offer the perfect destination to plan a wedding or enjoy your honeymoon. It’s the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance or renew your vows with a small celebration involving friends and family. You can also plan your next brainstorming company retreat here. Tivoli can arrange everything you need for a small intimate party of ten to a massive conference of hundreds, perks included, of course.Six Senses Hotels, Resorts, and SpasHospitality is one of the driving factors for Six Senses being one of the best luxurious hotel chains. They afford you with the best-in-class dining and accommodation with sustainable practices that simply transport you into a new dimension of travel and leisure. For a calm and rejuvenating time away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Six Senses provides an experience that will change your outlook toward life. The resort and spa packages offer more than just a vacation any given day.
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5 tips for finding the cheapest deals on cruises
The definition of “the best” is quite subjective when it comes to cruise deals. For some, it simply means getting the ticket at a lower-than-usual price, while others may define the best deal as getting a free cabin upgrade to a higher deck. Whatever it may be, getting a great cruise deal requires a lot of planning and a little bit of luck. Here are a few important tips that can help you grab great cruise deals without burning a hole in your pocket:Book several months in advanceCruise lines always open their bookings several months in advance, and booking over 6 months before sailing can help you save big bucks. Many cruise lines today offer low price guarantees, which means if the fares drop after you’ve made the booking, you can either get a refund or a cabin upgrade. That being said, ensure that you monitor the price every week if you’ve booked months in advance. If there is a price drop, contact your travel agent and ask them to get you a refund or cabin upgrade.Or book a few weeks or days in advanceNo need to worry if you haven’t been able to book months in advance. You must know that cruises lose a huge sum if they sail with empty cabins. So, you can book a few weeks or days before departure to get the cruise at a low price. This is also a great alternative to flying since last-minute airfares are outrageously expensive. But this is where your little bit of luck comes into play, as a cruise might not always have empty cabins so close to their departure date.Sail with a large groupCruising with your whole family, friends, or even your coworkers is a brilliant way of saving a huge amount of money. Generally, the higher the number of passengers, the more money you’ll save. Cruises tend to offer amazing discounts if you book at least 5-6 cabins together, but if you're sailing alone, ask a travel agent if they can make your bookings with a large group. This is profitable for you as well as the other group.Check the package closelyIf you’re planning a vacation that includes flight tickets, drink packages, shore excursions, specialty dining, spa treatment, and more, you can ask the cruise line for a bundled package. This will help you save a substantial amount. Check the package carefully, and do the math to confirm whether the package is profitable. Also, only consider this option if you’re planning to do other activities while cruising, else you’ll only end up paying for unused benefits.Cruise when it’s cheapestSee if you can plan your cruise trip in fall—September and October—and late winter—January and February. You can get the cheapest cruise deals in these months since most parents are working, kids are busy with school, and there are hardly any holidays. For example, you can get a Caribbean cruise at an affordable price in the fall months when the hurricanes affect sailing. At the same time, the fall foliage is flourishing, which means Canada and New England cruises have the highest rates. So, the trick is to sail to a particular destination during the offseason.
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5 Reasons Why Disney World Vacations Are the Best
Who would not like vacationing in the warm and sunny weather in Florida? Add fun water parks and a variety of attractions at Disney World to this mix, and you will have the top reason why Florida is considered one of the best vacation destinations. Here are five reasons to think about a vacation at Disney World for your next family trip: There is something for everybody While most people feel that Disney World vacations are curated only for children, the truth is that there is something for everyone here. You get to meet people from different cultures, races, and various backgrounds. The on-site resorts are another fun places for adults. Moreover, all of us should indulge the kids in ourselves from time to time. An unending theme park experience Disney World consists of four different theme parks, and it also has two water parks. There are multiple activities like safaris and different kinds of rides that will keep your itinerary full. There is so much to do here that you're sure to feel tired before you feel bored. Fits every budget While a Disney World vacation may seem expensive, it is one of the best vacations that you can curate as per your budget. You don't need to empty your bank balance for a vacation here. You can decide your budget, select an accommodation plan such as a villa or a log cabin, and go for activity packages that fit the interests of all family members. Accessibility As Florida is one of the most important cities in the world, you will not face a problem reaching the Disney World here. In fact, every Disneyland in the world has a well-charted out transportation system. So, while the kids may not worry about getting to their favorite destination, the parents can breathe a sigh of relief as they don't have to concern themselves much about these practicalities. Disney characters and Downtown Disney District Apart from meeting the live versions of Disney characters, the entertainment zone, known as Disney Downtown, is a magical place too. It has 40 different shops and kid-friendly restaurants to keep your child completely happy. You can go through various packages that can help you decide upon the ideal budget and activities to pick during your Disney World vacation. Once you've made the arrangements, you can give your kids the good news and take them on a trip that they will never forget.
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Top 5 Bus Tours for Seniors
Many people dream about traveling as much as possible after their retirement. With various responsibilities in life, some people cannot find the time to pursue this passion. But once you've become financially stable, you can use your savings to explore some enchanting corners of the world. Here are the top five bus tours for seniors that you can consider: All-day New York bus tour With prices starting from around $84 per person, this tour is ideal for people who do not want to spend too much time traveling. It takes you through the best of attractions of New York including the downtown, treasures of uptown, Harlem as well as Brooklyn. If you opt for this bus tour, you will also get a chance to go for a 75-minute harbor cruise. Eight-day Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore tour One of the ideal bus tours for seniors, this option is excellent for people who like to explore nature at its finest. It costs around $778 per person and takes you through the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Salt Lake City, as well as Jackson Hole along with many more attractions. Three-day East Coast bus tour Large groups of seniors can choose this bus tour because they can avail of a 5% group discount. Prices start at $270 approximately, and the tour covers a lot of highlights. Apart from exploring New York, West Point Academy, and Woodbury Outlets, you can also explore lower Manhattan and three major airports in New York City. Ten-day East Coast tour from NYC With prices starting at around $945 per person, this particular bus tour provides you with five different variants, where one choice allows you to take a walking tour as well. Alternatively, you can opt for a shopping tour or have a shooting experience tour. In the main itinerary, a six-night stay, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as Old Fort Niagara, and many other attractions are included. Seven-day East Coast tour from NYC Starting from $650 per person approximately, the seven-day East Coast tour from New York City includes various cities and covers most of the main ones situated on the East Coast. This plan includes special meals and seniors with health issues can choose any suitable variant. Please note that all the bus tours for seniors mentioned in this article are provided by Tours 4 Fun, which is a trusted site that organizes tours within the country.
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All You Need to Know About Passport Renewal
Visa requirements for people from our country are close to negligible which allows us to visit several international destinations. However, to travel overseas, you require a passport regardless of your age. If you already have a passport which is nearing its expiry, you should gear up for passport renewal. Following are some pointers to remember when you try to renew your passport. Eligibility criteria Firstly, you do not need to worry about the eligibility if you already possess a passport. However, when it comes to passport renewal, you need to submit proof of citizenship. This condition applies to people who have gained citizenship through naturalization as well as people who are citizens by birth. Criteria that prevent the renewal of your passport To apply for passport renewal, it is sufficient to have a passport that has expired recently or one that will expire in the near future. However, under the following circumstances, you will need to apply for a fresh passport: The passport was issued before you turned 16 years old. The passport issuance date was 15 or more years ago. Your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged. If a name change has occurred and there is no legal proof of it. This legal proof could be anything like a marriage license. Under these circumstances, you can apply for a new passport with the DS-11 form on the official passport portal. The renewal procedure In case you need to get your passport earlier than usual, you can get it renewed through the expedition procedure. However, you will have to pay some additional fees. You can then take an appointment with any of the authorized Regional Passport Agencies. Call them on 1-877-487-2778; TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793. Alternatively, use an online appointment system for passport renewal. For your appointment, you will need to provide additional documents apart from proof of recent travels and an expedited fee. These documents include the application form (Form DS-82), a passport-sized photo, the most recent passport, and proof of name change (if required). If you have to travel after three weeks, you can apply for the renewal through the mail as well. It is always better to renew your passport before it expires so that you do not have to worry about any extra hassles. With the help of the information mentioned above, you should face no problems with the passport renewal procedures.
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5 Popular All-inclusive Resorts in Cancun
Cancun, a city on the southeastern side of Mexico, is one of the most popular destinations for tourism. With the lovely Caribbean Sea in its vicinity, it is breathtakingly beautiful. When you are considering a vacation in Cancun, choose an all-inclusive resort as it ensures that you stay safe in this destination and also get the best deals with no hidden prices. Here is a list of the top all-inclusive resorts in Cancun: Grand Oasis Cancun Costing around $188 per person for a single room or nearly $239 for two people, this is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. Apart from the essential amenities, this resort has 18 bars in total. This property also gives you a wide range of options to explore. They arrange for free transfers to the airport, which can help you save some money. Hard Rock Hotel Cancun The all-inclusive deal at the Hard Rock Hotel amounts to approximately $432 for two people, and it has a lot to offer. Apart from the spunkiness of the Hard Rock Chain, it has a lovely spa and wellness center as well as a great swimming pool. Thus, you're sure to enjoy yourself while you are vacationing at this all-inclusive resort in Cancun. The airport shuttle makes it even more convenient for you to reach this resort. Moon Palace Cancun Priced at around $490, you will get a stunning, panoramic view of the sea at this all-inclusive resort. The breakfast here is sumptuous, and the bar promises quite a lot of fun as well. Additionally, you get to enjoy yourself fully as you explore their 15 different restaurants and 12 different bars. The swimming pool promises you a relaxing time as well. You can get the best deal for your money at this hotel. Crown Paradise Club Cancun If you are looking at budget options of all-inclusive resorts in Cancun, this could be your top choice. A package deal will cost around $248, and you will be spoiled for choice at their seven different restaurants as well as six bars. Additionally, the beachfront view and the swimming pool makes the entire experience even better. Hyatt Zilara Cancun Costing around $482, the Zilara Cancun is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. Offered by Hyatt, this resort has six specialty restaurants along with five specialty bars that make it quite a hit among locals as well as tourists. Make sure you catch at least one of the cultural shows. Do not miss out on the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea when you choose a room at this property.
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Recent Posts
  • Here’s how to improve blood circulation with healthy lifestyle habits

    Blood circulation is the continuous movement of blood in the different parts and organs of the body. The circulation of blood takes place as a result of the heart’s ability to pump out blood at a constant rate. An individual dies when the heart stops pumping out blood and blood circulation comes to a halt.

    Poor blood circulation can bring about several health conditions. These include blood clots, cardiovascular diseases, headaches and memory loss. This is why it is essential to strive and improve blood circulation. Here is how to improve blood circulation by practicing the following activities:

    Hydrate the body – Today, most people live a busy lifestyle and tend to ignore the underlying need of the body that is hydration. The organs of the body require being well-hydrated to function properly. Also, blood is made up of a high percentage of water. Water also flushes out toxins from the body. Thus, you should continue to sip on water through the day.

    Stress management – High-levels of stress has a significant impact on the blood circulation. When one encounters too much of stress, the body puts up a fight. This affects the functioning of the central nervous system and this limits the flow of blood through the body. Stress should be managed by indulging in activities that make you happy, such as painting or riding a cycle. Yoga and meditation too are effective practices that are found to improve blood circulation.

    Get moving – When the body is not active, the circulatory system does not work as well as it should. The blood circulation heavily relies on the movement of the body. If you are not able to stay active during the day, making exercise a part of a routine is an effective way to improve blood circulation. A 30 min run or walk every day will help.

    Reduce alcohol consumption – Excess alcohol consumption can harden the arteries, this leads to a hindrance in healthy blood circulation. It can cause dehydration and a spike in blood pressure levels. Thus, if you are wondering how to improve blood circulation, drinking alcohol in moderation is the key.

    Get a massage – Getting a massage is not only perfect for relieving stress but also stimulate the flow of blood. A massage can be done using soothing oils such as almond or coconut oil. Using this therapy at least once a week is a good way to improve blood circulation.

    The above activities are natural and come with no harsh-effects on the body. Thus, they should be practiced regularly and made a part of life.

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  • How to choose the best board games

    Board games can add an amazing amount of entertainment to your family nights and house parties. They are a classic strategy to bring together your loved ones and friends. Now many may think that board games are something very 90s, but the truth is that they are still quite popular. And to make the most of this fun-filled experience you just have to ditch your smartphone for a while.

    Although there are many wonderful options that you can explore, choosing the best board game can prove to be a time-consuming task due to the availability of several alternatives. The key is to narrow them down smartly by keeping certain important points in mind. Here are a few factors that can help you select the best board games, which can make your family nights or house parties more exciting.

    Age of the players
    The first thing you should focus on is the age of the participants. If you are having a party at your place, you should incline towards buying adult board games. On the other hand, if it is a family night you should check for games that complement the age of your kids. For instance, a game stating ages three and above may not necessarily interest teenagers. So thoroughly research about your options.

    Number of players
    If you are having a house party choose a game that can comfortably accommodate a large number of people. On the other hand, for a family any kind of board game can be ideal as long as everyone gets a chance to play.

    Figure out how long do your guests or family wants to play. This is because you will have other activities to do as well. In a party people might need some time to dance, talk, eat and they may even want to watch a movie. With family nights, your kids can get easily tired especially if they are extremely young. So, try and keep it brief and straightforward. Ultimately it all depends on how much fun the participants are having.

    Make sure that you are fairly aware of everyone’s preferences, especially for a house party. Try to incorporate a game that everyone knows, instead of something complicated that may require some getting used to. If you want to pick a new board game make sure that it is easy to understand and engaging as well. For a family night, you can use an old game or a new game. A new game might be a good choice as everyone will get a chance to experiment with something innovative.

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