The Evolution of the Ugly Christmas Sweater
For anyone who has been noticing it, the fact that ugly Christmas sweaters have become a trend is probably a cause for no small hilarity. These garments, for ages considered an eyesore, are now making an appearance in wardrobes as a fashion apparel. No longer can one associate them with one's great aunt or their second grade teacher. With Christmas symbolisms depicted in a manner nothing less than cartoonish, the snowman, reindeer or elf Christmas sweater, with felt appliqus and pompoms for the added amusement of the observer, is taking the country by storm during the holiday season. Though the ugly Christmas sweater has been in existence from way before the 20th century, people sat up and took notice of its hideousness only in the last few decades. One of the first few people responsible for making it trendy is probably Bill Cosby. He is, in fact, looked up to as an ugly sweater icon. But in the beginning of the '90s, these Christmas jumpers lost popularity. However, in the last decade, these cheap Christmas sweaters is back again. There were books published on this even. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On, for one, thanks to which, around the year 2001, these sweaters came into the limelight in a huge way. Now the sweaters are bigger, louder and trendier than ever before with even high-end fashion shops like H&M showcasing them. With people of all ages wanting to get in on the fashion train with the cheap ugly holiday sweaters, sweater themed parties have become the most popular during the Christmas season, with Christmas suits, and Christmas pajamas as viable alternatives for themed Christmas party wear. The sweaters are embellished with bows and frills and various form of decorations in an attempt to increases its tackiness. It has become so popular that the late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon formed a segment around the theme called "The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters." They are now trending in pop culture, fashion runways, and MTV documentaries. And this is not just limited to the United States alone. Thanks to Coin Firth and his cringe-worthy Christmas sweater from Bridget Jones' Diary, the ugly holiday sweater has risen in popularity in the United Kingdom too. Naturally, more than it looks, what the cheap ugly Christmas sweater has going for - is the warm, fuzzy feeling along with the fun memories of Christmas which makes it all worthy.
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The rise in popularity of Christmas sweaters
While for years, popular fashion looked down on Christmas jumpers and sweaters but in recent times, ugly holiday sweaters are gaining popularity in a big way. Online sellers of various Christmas apparel, including Christmas suits and Christmas pyjamas, will vouch for the fame these sweaters have surprisingly attained in the recent decades. While there's nothing subtle about an ugly Christmas sweater, most are downright outrageous, and these sell like hot cakes. Celebrities sporting these cheap Christmas sweaters, make them even trendier. There was this famous instance of Justin Bieber wearing a Christmas sweater worth $1,650 during a live performance. Somewhere at the turn of this century, three Indiana State University graduates were sharp enough to observe the rise in popularity of these sweaters during Christmas parties. From elf Christmas sweaters to reindeer sweaters to hideous sweaters sporting huge Christmas trees with decorations made of pompoms and appliqu, these garments appeared to have taken the holidays by storm. Adam Paulson, Kevin Wool and Brian Miller, these graduates, are the men behind In their opinion, people are quite conscious and, therefore, sick to death of paying attention to what they wear and how they appear through the year, that during the Christmas season, they cannot wait to let their hair down, wear a Christmas sweater, be trendy yet uninhibited. Towards the end of that decade, they observed that people were having a tough time finding ugly cheap Christmas sweaters and started an online business. They bought 50 sweaters from Goodwill for an approximate $75 and everything sold in a matter of hours. Today, online selling of cheap Christmas sweaters is a successful business with many making a good living from it., for instance, in the beginning of this decade sold nearly 15,000 sweaters for about $24 a piece during the holiday season. Ugly Christmas sweaters have their advantages. For one, they make for great conversation starters. Nothing beats a hideous reindeer on bulky sweater as an icebreaker. Two, they make the perfect business gift for someone who has everything, or for anyone who doesn't mind laughing at themselves. These sweaters can totally help one get into the spirit of things. Three, they are the perfect party idea. Ugly Sweater themed Christmas parties have been all the rage for years now and they don't appear to be diminishing in popularity any time soon. Nothing like an "ugly themed" Christmas party with tacky sweaters and with hideous looking food and drink to boot to ensure everyone from children to the aged have fun.
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A brief guide to choosing the best Christmas nativity set
Setting up the nativity scene for Christmas is a tricky part of the decoration because it has a religious backstory and relates to the legend of the birth of Jesus Christ. So it needs to be very respectful and decent, but you also need to spark it up a little bit for the sake of vibrancy. Here are some tips for choosing the right Christmas crib statues and scene to awestruck your guests with your creative skills. Nativity scenes under the Christmas tree Setting up the crib under the Christmas tree is a popular idea. It is usually done on the Christmas tree skirt, so choose a bright and colorful one to give a lovely base to your crib. The Christmas tree crib usually has smaller figurines of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, including Joseph, the angels, the magi and their sheep. But you can always throw in as many animal figures you want, given that it is a stable scene and dash it up with some more designs. Crib scene on the table Arranging for the nativity scene on a tabletop as a centerpiece gives you more space and liberty to experiment with the decorations. There are Christmas cribs for sale during the holiday season. You can add various other subjects like some sparkling Christmas trees or bushes here and there, more animals and beautiful candles, over and above the traditional scene with Jesus, his parents, and the angels. If you have kids around, it is safe to use LED candle lights, but nothing beats the appeal of real candles lighting along these significant Christmas crib statues. Outdoor crib scene Setting up your nativity scene outside is a big task to accomplish. You can either buy the nativity set on the whole or purchase the individual Christmas crib statues and bring them together. In case of outdoor nativity sets, you can have as big as 12-inch nativity figures which might look too big for an indoor set. You can make a rustic nativity set or give it a polished and modern twist by adding revolving Christmas trees, shiny tinsels, LED desert backgrounds, antique lanterns, tea light holders and so on. Since this is an essential part of the original reason why Christmas is celebrated, it must be done with patience and devotion. Spend some quality time deciding and choosing which one you want to do for your house and get on with it. The figurines and sets are available everywhere in the market as well as online get them home and create magic!
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Tips for buying the right Christmas tree skirt
Christmas tree skirts are an integral part of Christmas trees. Without them, they look bare and somehow naked. The skirts also help catch any loose tree needles that may fall. It's important to know how to choose the right size of Christmas tree skirt for the tree as well. Too large and you block the path and take up more space, too small, and you leave the stand bare. Here are the best ways to make sure you buy the right size skirt for your Christmas tree: Choosing the right Christmas tree skirt size There are many Christmas skirt sizes out there and not all of them are right for your particular tree. If you have a small tree which is indoors, you might want to opt for the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt, 24 inch Christmas tree skirt, 30 inch Christmas tree skirt, or the 36 inch Christmas tree skirt depending on the tree size. Moreover, if you have a large outdoor Christmas tree, then you will have to opt for a larger skirt. Go for the 48 inch Christmas tree skirt, 56 inch Christmas tree skirt, 70 inch Christmas tree skirt, 72 inch Christmas tree skirt, or even the largest gigantic 84 inch Christmas tree skirt. How to find out which size is ideal First determine the diameter, by measuring the entire width of the circle formed by the stand and tips of the outer branches of the tree. Whatever the size, the skirt should definitely be hiding the unsightly stand from view. Larger ornate skirt If you don't want to use the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt for your small tree and want something larger, then go for an ornate skirt. The skirt will then look extremely beautiful, and accentuate the entire Christmas tree. Only opt for sizes just one size larger, as a skirt which is too big will cause more problems. Avoid tripping hazards It can be difficult to know which size skirt to buy, but whatever you do, don't buy one that is inordinately large. The last thing you need is a tripping hazard in your living room. The holiday season is better off without people falling all over the place. So go ahead and make the purchase of the Christmas tree skirt that you had in mind. Without it your tree is incomplete, but make sure to buy the right one for your tree. Just like you buy the correct sized clothes for yourself, a good tree needs a correct sized skirt.
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Things that the perfect Christmas crib should have
A Christmas crib statue is the recreated miniature version of the stable where Lord Jesus was born. It is of vital importance and is kept at almost every home during Christmas. These Christmas crib statues are also called nativity sets and are available in different varieties such as rustic nativity sets and others. From 10-inch nativity figures to 12-inch nativity figures, a wide range of nativity sets consisting of varied lengths of figures are available, and one can buy nativity sets according to their need and purpose. Polyresin is the most common type of material used to make a Christmas crib statue or a nativity set. These Christmas crib statues are of utmost importance, and one needs to make sure that the following things are present in the nativity set. Given below are a few pieces that are mandatory in a nativity set be it indoor or outdoor nativity sets. The statue of Joseph: From 9 to 16 to 24 inches, a wide range of the statues of Joseph are available and varies from set to set. The statue of Mary: Yes, the statue of Mary is mandatory in a nativity set, without which your set would indeed look incomplete. The statue of baby Jesus: Do make sure that the nativity set has a statue of Baby Jesus as without which the entire Christmas crib statue would look incomplete. Shepherd and Angel: Along with the statues of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus, your nativity set also needs to consist of a standing shepherd and an Angel. Melchior, Balthazar, Caspar: A major part of Christian tradition, these three figures are significant and should indeed be a part of your nativity set. Statues of a camel, ox and a donkey: A stable is incomplete without these animals and so in a nativity set. Proper positioning of statues in a nativity set: Every piece in the nativity set needs to be arranged appropriately. Baby Jesus needs to be placed in the middle of the set in the arms of Mary or a crib. Joseph needs to be placed right next to Mary. The Angel, Shepherd, statues of Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar needs to be placed on either side of Joseph. Piece count: The piece count in a nativity set varies from ten to fourteen. If you find Christmas cribs for sale, then make sure that the set has the number of pieces as mentioned in it.
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7 ideas for a beautiful Christmas centrepiece
Planning a budget and sticking to it are indeed two different things, which is quite difficult but not impossible. Christmas, the most awaited season of the year is around the corner and so is Christmas shopping. From Christmas trees to decorative items to Christmas centerpieces, the shopping list just goes on and on. Any piece of furniture is almost incomplete without a beautiful centerpiece and here are a few ideas for pretty and cheap Christmas centerpiece. Fruit or flower bowls: Yes, you heard it right. Glass bowls with beautiful flowers and fruits are indeed alluring and will make the entire space look more festive and ethereal. Carefully select and place beautiful petals of rose and white lilies in a glass bowl to set the Christmas vibe right on. The classic combination of red and white will work wonders and ideally suits the Christmas season. For a natural vibe: A small plant of your choice can be kept as a centerpiece on a wooden base to give the vibe of a rustic Christmas centerpieces. It is attractive and ideal for a cheap Christmas centerpiece and what not. Miniatures of lampshades: Lampshades can instantly change any space from dull to bright in seconds. Miniature versions of these lampshades area available which can be purchased and kept as centerpieces to brighten the space instantly. Miniature lampshades can also be made using colored paper or charts, placed over wine glasses which is quick, do it yourself method. For the love of candles: Scented candles work wonders as centerpieces, which are both exquisite and light in one's pockets. From small and pretty candles to stunning designs, a range of these alluring candles are available, which will draw everyone's attention to it. And also, who isn't a fan of candlelight dinners? Plate it up: Your dinner table is incomplete without a great platter and what if your platter is a centerpiece? Yes, plates make up for great centerpieces, which are both ravishing and economical in price. From an assortment of ornaments to decorative items for Christmas, you can place anything and everything on your plate. The beauty of a snow globe: A snow globe is the most adorable pieces of all times, which bring a lot of positivity and joy to space. It indeed makes one happy without hurting their budget. Back in memory lane: Christmas is all about family and having one's pictures as a centerpiece is indeed beautiful and quite emotional. Select the best pictures of the lot and place it on a cake stand or a plate for a ravishing look. Do try these Christmas centerpiece ideas and cherish those memories for a lifetime.
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How to choose the right Christmas tree skirt
Christmas may be the celebration of joy which brings people together to share the joy and love, but it also comes with its share of tasks to be completed. There are many preparations to be made before Christmas arrives. Procuring the right kind of tree for the season, getting the decorations in line, picking out presents and other things take up most of our time. People almost tend to forget that a Christmas tree skirt is needed for the Christmas tree! The most popular of all sizes is an 18 inch Christmas tree skirt. Why are Christmas tree skirts used? The use of Christmas tree skirts is simple. These skirts are used to hide the unsightly sights of stands, roots, and the watering area for the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree skirt also adds some beauty to the Christmas tree altogether. These skirts can be used for massive trees as well as the smaller tree. The various sizes for Christmas tree skirts are 24 inch Christmas tree skirt, 30 inch Christmas tree skirt, 36 inch Christmas tree skirt, 48 inch Christmas tree skirt, 56 inch Christmas tree skirt, 70 inch Christmas tree skirt, 72 inch Christmas tree skirt, 84 inch Christmas tree skirt, along with the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt. How to choose the right sized Christmas tree skirt Choosing a design for your Christmas tree skirt is far easier than choosing and understanding the size of the Christmas tree skirt. Here is how you know what size to choose for your Christmas tree: Get your hands on a measuring tape and measure the widest part of the tree. The widest part of your tree is the bottom part of the tree, right above the tree trunk begins to show. Next, consider the size of the Christmas skirt you need. If you need only for concealing purposes choose a skirt accordingly. However, if you need a skirt which also serves as part of Christmas decoration underneath your tree, then choose a Christmas skirt which is a little wider than your tree's actual diameter. Remember that if you need a simple tree skirt which does not serve as a decoration, always go for smaller tree skirts. The bigger trees use about a 30 inch Christmas tree skirt. The main purpose of a Christmas tree skirt is to hide the area under the tree's base. This base gives a weird feel to the entire decorated Christmas tree. You can use a skirt of any size for your tree. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong size for these skirts. However, remember to choose the ones which do not cause any hazards. Most of the Christmas trees work fine an 18 inch Christmas tree skirt, but you can choose a bigger one if you like.
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Tips for buying cheap Christmas centerpieces
Centerpieces are important for any Christmas decoration. They are the centers of attraction on the dining table of the center table in the hall, and they need to be given some thought. The Christmas centerpieces can be traditional and rustic or modern and elegant, depending on the mood of the celebrations. Nevertheless, you want to do it right and also keep it within the budget. Here are some tips for buying cheap Christmas centerpieces. Keep it simple yet charming Less is more, they always say. Use the mantra here and put up a simple yet attractive centerpiece using stuff like scented candles, sparkling balls, and bells. Tuck in some mistletoe, pine twigs or other small plants to give it a shade of green. To glam it up a little bit, use different designer candles like jar candles, candles inside lanterns or old traditional ones in antique holders. Elaborate but pocket-friendly If you want an elaborate and detailed centerpiece but want to keep it within your budget, opt for a woodland centerpiece. You can get the moss and twigs needed for greenery at the local florist. Add some animal and tree figurines, tiny yew trees and a small wooden log or heap of stones to act as a central spot. Use your imagination to make it look aesthetics, and your rustic Christmas centerpiece is ready for the show. Santa Claus centerpiece A fun and quirky idea go brilliantly with the whole theme. It will not cost you much to buy some cotton to make it look like snow and some Santa Clause, reindeer and sled figurines. Set them up and scatter some gift boxes overflowing from the old man's red sack. If you want to enhance the appeal, fill the gift boxes with actual toffees or candies for your guests to pick up at will. Elegance is the word If elegance is all that you understand, stick with the traditional flowers like Carnations, Amaryllis or Chrysanthemums in stylish vases. You can add some fun by adding candy canes, dry twigs or pine cones to make it more beautiful. These centerpieces are foolproof and time-tested, but you can keep adding your touch to them to make them unique and unorthodox. Personalized but interesting Make it completely your own by making a personalized centerpiece with zero cost. Use a long vase or jar to make a twig plant and then throw in some string lights and hang photographs and Christmas cards you received to it to bring the certain warmth of personal touch to the table. When looking for cheap Christmas centerpieces, choose your centerpiece wisely as it can change the look of your entire decoration for the best. Even if you choose from cheap Christmas centerpieces, keep it minimal, inexpensive but creative, and the game is won!
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  • Discount Tire, a Known Name in the Industry

    Discount tires company was first established in 1960 and has been performing exceptionally well since then. Not only is it known for supplying great quality tires, but it is also very popular for its ability to retain its customers by giving customer satisfaction priority. They have a commercial advertising ‘Thank you’ which says that the customers may return the tires purchased from the Discount tires if they are not satisfied with the product.

    This, and the very reasonable prices of the Discount tire has made the customers want to purchase tires for their vehicles from them. They have a very user friendly website which is quite helpful and informative as well. The website is more of a complete user guide and helps a customer in making choice of their tires based on their vehicle and needs. From safety measures to the type of tires, the website has it all.

    The Discount tire is very particular about the safety of their customers. Time and again, they warn their customers about the hazardous effects of choosing the wrong type of tire. Road conditions, adverse weather and driving behaviors are sure to affect the safety, but special emphasis has also been laid on the tires of a vehicle by the Discount tire. According to them, the tires are the only part of the vehicle that connect a person to the road.

    So, tires must receive that care, while making a choice and to maintain them. Before hitting the road, the health condition of the tires must be known to the driver. Tread depth, tire age, tire inflation/load, and keeping up with routine maintenance are the four factors indicating the health of the tires of a vehicle. The age of a tire is an important factor too. In simple words, more the age of a tire, more are the chances of its failure. Hence, they must never be taken casually.

    Apart from the selection of tires based on the vehicle type and terrain, the tires are also season based. There are all-season tires, summer tires and winter tires. Even though all-season tires can be used for all the seasons, specific season tires should be preferred as an alternative. In summer conditions, the all-season tires perform significantly better than winter tires, but not better than summer tires.

    Similarly, they perform better than summer tires in winter season but not better than winter tires. Summer tires are excellent both for dry as well as wet driving conditions. Winter tires are great for driving in the snowy and winters weather conditions. Discount tire may suggest the best one or a combination of tires based on the usage.

    Discount tire lays an emphasis on tread patterns as well. They also have a complete guide over this concept. This is very helpful for the customers to choose the one most suitable tread pattern for them based on their driving conditions. There is symmetric tread, asymmetric tread, directional tread and symmetric & directional tread. Each of them might be used for keeping a certain purpose of usage in mind.

    All this reflects the experience of Discount tire company. The quality of the tires is top class. But essential measures have also been taken give the best results. Even an uncertain customer can make the best possible choice of tires for his or her vehicle. And all this at very acceptable prices. Nothing short of brilliance can be expected of the Discount tire as every minute thing has been taken care of. Every aspect has been through of here and nothing is being taken casually. This has all come out after so many years of excellent service.

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  • Choosing the right retirement community

    Aging might not always push you to mundane existence. Retirement communities, which have become a trend, can shift the perception. They come in all shapes and sizes and are restricted to an age group of 50 and above to provide suitable amenities. Yes, at that age, one might not have full motor functions or might suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, but the communities are equipped to provide all the help required for wellness to overcome the challenges easily and live a fuller active life.

    Gone are the days when it considered cruel to not take care of an aged parent. With fast-paced lives of the present generation, the parents themselves would rather prefer living in a retirement community with all the right facilities. It’s time they too relax and have some fun as well, by staying close to like-minded people of their age group. Such niche communities are increasingly popular, catering to seniors based on ethnicity, sexual orientation or even hobbies, apart from the regular retirement facilities based only on age as a factor.

    Understand the pros and cons
    The most important benefit of choosing a retirement community, especially a Continuing Care Retirement Community, is that you will be able to continue living in the same community even as you grow older. You might need more assistance as you age and would be shifted from an independent living facility to an assisted living facility and then to a nursing home type, if you require constant care. They are predominantly set up in places with a cozy weather for the residents to live comfortably. The Villages in Florida, The Atria in New York, Sun City Hilton Head in Bluffton and Laguna Woods Village in California are some of the excellent retirement homes. With growing popularity, the concept of retirement communities has even expanded to cities though it’s expensive. They have a host of indoor and outdoor activities ranging from swimming to golf for the residents to lead an active yet relaxed post-retirement life.

    Make an informed decision
    This concept makes a retired life sound amazing, right? It really is. One gets to do all that we typically tend to miss during our busy adult lives. As a retiree, you have all the time in hand and the right company to celebrate life with. The key is to start planning well early, so you make the investment while you are still in your prime of life. And your options are wide open in terms of locale, environment, budget, interest and so on. Each of these communities has their own payment terms, and the cost involved might vary hugely just like any other real estate. Factors such as cost of living, safety, economy, and taxes have to be taken into account.

    Do your research, shortlist few, pay a visit, experience the setting and see if you would enjoy being there every single day. Once you find a happy place, make the investment confidently and have well-balanced Golden years.
    Retire in peace and in style

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