Top 6 Business Internet Service Providers
One of the main aspects that businesses need is speedy internet connectivity. Most companies are connected to their various branches and their customers via the internet and need it to manage sales, stream audio or video clips, download files, carry out communications, etc. Most often, businesses assume that the best internet provider is one that has the best pricing and reliability. On the contrary, the three central factors that determine the best business internet provider are reliable connectivity, appropriate bandwidth based on your business needs, and excellent customer service. Based on the parameters mentioned above, here are six of the best business internet providers:
  • Verizon: It is a high-speed internet service provider, and it rates the best in all three parameters. Verizon fiber-optic internet services are the best for businesses as their download speeds are in the range of 75 Mbps to 940 Mbps, and they cost around $84.99 to $214.99 per month.
  • AT&T: It is the best speed efficient internet service provider. AT&T’s small business internet services are the best in the speed category as their download speeds are in the range of 50 Mbps-1000 Mbps, and the price is set around $85 to $650 per month.
  • Frontier: This is the best internet provider for businesses who need budget-friendly options. Their download speeds range between 30 Mbps to 150 Mbps, while the price of these services is around $49.99 to $174.99 per month.
  • CenturyLink: This internet service provider offers bundled deals with TV, phone, and internet services. Also, their download speeds are in the range of 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps. The company has set the price of these services at $84.99 to $104.99 per month approximately.
  • Spectrum: This internet service provider offers plans without a contract. Spectrum’s business internet services qualify as the best in the no-contract, high-speed internet category given that their download speeds range between 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps. You need to pay roughly $59.99 to $139.99 per month for these services.
  • Comcast: Comcast has been rated as the best business internet service provider in the reliability category. Their download speeds range between 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, and the price of these services are set around $69.95 to $499.95 per month.
Every business has its distinct needs, and therefore, it is vital that you conduct a thorough analysis of the best business internet service providers in your geographical location before you sign up for one of them.
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Accelerate your business online with these top 10 affiliate programs
Affiliate marketing is the practice of generating business by recommending company products and services to potential customers and earn a commission in return. The process involves four parties, which include affiliate website, affiliate network, the advertiser, and the buyer. If you have a business that sells products online, then here are top ten affiliate marketing programs you should consider to accelerate your business. ClickBank It is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs that mainly deals with digital products such as ebooks. It has been around for many years and has been the first affiliate programs. It requires you to create an account and purchase and promote products sold on their website. ClickBank does not incur any hidden charges and registration costs are quite reasonable. It is one of the best sites that offer you commission ranging between 10 and 75 percent. Rakuten Affiliate Network One of the top ten affiliate marketing programs, Rakuten LinkShare has been gaining popularity in the recent times. The online marketing platform comes with distinctive features such as rotating banner ads for different products, making it easier to optimize and administer in the long run. One of the major advantages is that it gives you an option to send traffic to your sites selectively. CJ Affiliate Short for Commission Junction, this is one of the most versatile marketing platforms among the top ten affiliate marketing programs. It acts as an intermediary between merchants providing the products to sell that will be marketed by the affiliates. It has over a 3000 merchant partners offering millions of products. AvantLink This affiliate marketing program connects business by bringing together sellers and merchants together on one platform. The merchants are required to provide information about affiliate programs, set the commission charges and all the other necessary details about their products. The affiliates take this information to the market and earn a commission after selling the products. eBay this affiliate marketing program lets you sell your products with just a few clicks. One great thing about this affiliate marketing program is you can put up products to sell on eBay that you no longer use. It also helps merchants buy items at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price. For better results, it is important to have your own e-commerce website that contains the keyword of the product. ShareASale Being one of the top ten affiliate marketing programs, ShareASale has more than 4000 merchants listed on its website. Its ease of use provides a beginner an efficient way to sell products as an affiliate marketer. Some of the best features of this program it provides an average of the commission, sale amount, and earnings per click. This makes it possible for the user to access a campaign that lets you decide where to put efforts to gain maximum sales. Avangate This program provides a platform for both, the sellers and the marketer for making a profit out of selling products. This affiliate marketing program is popular among the clients who are in search of high-quality software. The site is backed by a cloud platform which mainly concentrates only on e-commerce payments for subscription, billing etc. Some of their popular clientele include Kaspersky lab, HP software, Bitdefender, Absolut Software etc. RevenueWire The marketing platform is renowned for providing an e-commerce platform to sell their digital products online. With a simple subscription procedure, it does not require registered merchants to promote a certain product. The advantage of using this program is that it comes with a streamlined user interface offering search filtering capabilities and great navigation. Commission Factory The aim of this affiliate marketing program is to make performance-based marketing that is easily available and is easy to use. It has no limitation on entry and registration resulting in fast-growing user base, and enabling companies of all sizes to discover the power of online marketing. FlexOffers Among the top 10 affiliate marketing programs, FlexOffer provides a great network to build mutual and profitable relationships between skilled, strategic, and trustworthy online publishers. It has a more than 5000 portfolios of popular advertisers. They offer a customer service for an array of delivery tools with fast and dependable payments, offering flexibility to the program.
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5 best self-publishing companies for authors to consider
Books are one the most literary wealthy resources in the world. Thus, publishing a book can be a major milestone in the life of an author. It takes immense hard work, dedication, and courage to have one’s book published. For the longest time in history, first-time authors were dependent on the publishing houses to be enamored by their writings before they could have a debut. However, the old model of traditional publishing has been turned around and writers today have the liberty to self-publish their work. Self-publishing has become a common means of publishing today, and thus, there is a proliferation in the number of self-publishing companies. It allows writers to decide every little aspect attached to the process of publishing the book and this has led to change in the idea of publishing. Typically, the best self-publishing companies let independent authors convert their manuscripts into a formula that is suitable for publishing while giving access to one or more retail platforms. However, there are several companies that also offer add-on services such as professional book editing, enhanced distribution, marketing assistance, cover design and more. The plethora of self-publishing companies that exist now can leave one perplexed as to which one to pick. Here are some best self-publishing companies that are found to serve as great options. Lulu One of the most well-revered self-publishing companies, Lulu has truly carved out a niche for itself. The quick rise in the bandwagon of publishing companies come due to one reason, i.e., it serves as the hood for every book-publishing solution. From printers, editors to illustrators, this is the ultimate stop to aid in making the final outcome crisper. The company is lauded for its immense attention to detail, and thus, it is one of the best self-publishing companies out there. Book Baby Book Baby is an extremely well-built website that makes one’s self-publishing journey immense smooth. The company simplifies and the publishing process and enables one to enjoy a ride devoid of bumps. Most importantly, the service is offered at a great price and packages start from as low as $99. What makes Book Baby even more enticing is the fact that the company does not take any percentage of commission from sales. Well, this certainly is a stir from the common practices followed at traditional publishing houses. CreateSpace A brainchild of Amazon, CreateSpace enables authors to take the plunge from e-publishing to print-publishing, without having to pay up. The amazing facility offered by CreateSpace makes it a revered option among first-time authors. Moreover, it also aids in supporting individuals with a tight budget. A drawback, the company does not provide essential services such as editing and formation. Thus, one will have to seek other means for these functions. Virtual Bookworm Virtual Bookworm is known for its turnarounds and is one of the best self-publishing companies. The publisher offers all the different services that are essential for the effective publishing of a book. Moreover, the service is offered at an affordable cost, making it a good choice for first-time authors. A catch, one will have to pay up 50% of the royalties if they wish to publish through the company. Author House Based out of UK, Author House is yet another alluring self-publishing company. The service providers have a sturdy standing in the publishing and thus, the stardust does sprinkle on the work of the author. Author House also proudly claims to be one of the self-publishing companies that has uplifted an immense number of authors. The website employs a well-established interface that promotes ease of use. Author House services can be availed at packages priced from $400 and upwards. It goes without saying that the best self-publishing companies enable one to have complete control over the process of publishing. However, it entails its own set of pros and cons. Thus, one must evaluate and weight the different aspects before picking the best self-publishing company.
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Find the best domain hosts available in the country
What comes after deciding the name of your website or blog? For most people, it is the search of a domain host. Domain hosting is also commonly known as web hosting. Though there is a difference between domain name and web hosting, there are companies that offer a package of services that include domain name as well as web hosting. Therefore, a common term used here is domain hosts. Most people will find a service provider offering domain registration and web hosting services together. However, it is not mandatory to get both these services from one provider. There are many different types of web hosting services namely, shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, cloud-based web hosting, a virtual private server (VPS), dedicated web server, colocation web hosting, self-service web hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. To get the best deals and a smooth experience, it is important to look for the best domain host available. There are multiple packages available with a wealth of features to offer. These features include the mailing list, a control panel, a website builder, and the ability to create a store online without much hassle. Some of the best names one will hear in domain hosting are mentioned below: GoDaddy Known for its speedy services, user-friendly website builder, and cPanel-powered Linux hosting, GoDaddy comes with a web hosting package of around $2.49 per month when the buyer signs for a year. Users get a free backup and restore, an uptime guarantee, unlimited storage (limited storage with the economy package), free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for a year, and a free domain with the annual plan. 1&1 Those looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-use domain host, 1&1 can be their ideal choice. It is one of the best and largest domain hosting providers. The price of the services starts from around $0.99 per month and goes up till $8 after the first year. Users can expect some freebies such as a free domain and unlimited storage, free web designing software, 300Gbps network connectivity, and more. Bluehost This hosting company is based in Utah and owned by a web giant Endurance International Group (EIG). Bluehost offers its customers a basic shared hosting that starts from $2.99 monthly. It also has separate WordPress plans that start at around $20 per month. Users can expect a discounted rate on these prices. Buyers and users of Bluehost domain host get a Weebly-based website builder. It is a basic browser-based affair that allows the users to create a website with up to six pages. Weebly Weebly does offer free plans, however, it comes with a limited storage of 500MB. The entry-level pain plans with Weebly costs around $6.80 per month. Those with a starter package get no ads or storage limits, and a free domain. Individuals or businesses who plan to sell stuff online get support for a web store from Weebly. Another boon of Weebly as one of the best domain hosts is that the users get a stylish range of website templates. InMotion Hosting This is one of the best domain hosts available to people looking for individuals and business of all sizes. InMotion Hosting makes a great choice for individuals and businesses looking for WordPress or e-commerce hosting. This web host has been in business for more than 15 years and has an impressive range of offers that include shared hosting starting from around $2.95 per month. It is important to find the best domain host for your business or blog as it will reap many benefits. Those who run a business and e-commerce website need a good host to make their and customers’ experience smooth. It is important to shop around and find the right host for a website. There are all sorts of hosting such as shared, VPS, and dedicated that come for free and paid. It is important to do a thorough research before paying for any domain hosting services. There are several other domain hosting companies you should learn about, which include Wix, Tsohost, iPage, HostGator, HostPapa, Host1Plus, and Justhost.
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Five best meal services in the country
Planning for a meal is time-consuming as you have to take a lot of efforts to find and curate the ingredients from different sources. Although you know what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may not have the time to prepare. Meal delivery services offer you the best of both worlds. You can try fancy recipes without having to worry about the ingredients as they will be cut, prepped and portioned for you to simply put everything together and cook. The average cost per serving is less than what you will spend in the market while buying and rationing ingredients. Before you subscribe to a meal delivery service, ask yourself the following questions; does the service have any vegan options? Do the best meal delivery services offer nut-free and dairy-free portions? What will be the average preparation time for one meal? Here are the five best meal delivery services that are worth subscribing in 2018 HelloFresh The meal service offers up to six options a week. You can easily set up an account with HelloFresh online and place orders during the day or at night. The service ensures packaging is of premium quality with recyclable boxes and reusable ice sheets for the meats. HelloFresh offers three basic subscriptions for the service including classic, veggie, and the family plan. The classic and veggie meals offer two to four servings depending on the type of meal. The family plan can feed four people in total and all subscriptions cost under $10 per meal. You can find ingredients for popular recipes like the Thai pork stir fry, oven baked corn and tomato risotto, and crispy chicken parmesan salad. Blue Apron One of the best meal delivery services, Blue Apron is an excellent choice for two people. The service offers fresh and seasonal produce from the local farms and is one of the few services that has wine pairings with your meal. The service only delivers three days a week making availability a big issue. Blue Apron is still a decent alternative you can consider for under $10 per meal. Note that there are limited options when it comes to vegetarian and vegan recipes. Plated With over 20 recipes per week, Plated offers more meal options than some of the best meal delivery services in the country combined. The service is also one of the affordable meal services as you will be spending less than $50 per week. Enjoy some of the best chef-designed recipes that can be easily made with preportioned ingredients. You will spend less than an hour preparing for the meals as Plated guarantees more cooking efficiency in comparison to some of the best meal delivery services in the market, for the price. Sun Basket One of the best meal delivery services that offer sustainable, gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian recipes. Sun Basket also has a wide range of selections in produce for 18 different recipes every week. The average spending per week is slightly higher owing to the special requirements for a paleo diet and gluten-free sustainable products but otherwise is a decent option if you are planning to go lean and green. On top of the price, you will have to pay extra delivery charges that are mostly waived off by other popular meal delivery services. You may subscribe to Sun Basket's basic meal delivery service that will cost you $11.99 per serving. Home Chef A premium service for an affordable price true to their motto, your price, your schedule, your way. With Home Chef, you have the option of choosing from 13 different easy to follow recipes for the calorie and gluten conscious not to mention the carb conscious appetites. The Home Chef smartphone app allows you to adjust and make changes to your delivery schedule, meal choices, and extras with ease. Home Chef is among the affordable meal delivery services with the average cost of just under $8 per meal. You can plan meals up to five days in advance and sit back, relax and enjoy the free delivery to your doorstep.
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Best 4 fitness franchises to consider buying
Are you a health-conscious person looking to start a business? Do you want to help others achieve their fitness goal? If yes, creating a fitness franchise business may be one of the best and the least risky options. Owning a franchise would help you as you would be backed by an acclaimed brand that would, in turn, result in a solid customer base. Here are some best fitness franchises you can consider:  Anytime Fitness Anytime Fitness, established in 2002, is one of the leading franchises. It is headquartered in Woodbury, Minnesota, and is a subsidiary of Self Esteem Brands, LLC. There are 4200 gym locations of this fitness brand and three million clients in more than 32 countries as of 2018. It operates on a unique model, open 24 hours, 365 days a year, which applies to any location worldwide. Anytime Fitness offers numerous services, including cardio, yoga, spin, personal training, and Zumba. In franchise agreements, advertising and royalty fees are usually calculated as a percentage of the total or gross sales. However, for Anytime Fitness, the rates are flat monthly, and its initial franchise fee can be up to $42,500.  Planet Fitness Planet Fitness, founded in 1992 and based in Hampton, New Hampshire, is the franchisor and operator of fitness centers. It markets and operates as the "Judgment Free Zone," which caters to new and casual gym users and is one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises. In 2003, Planet Fitness started franchising units with an initial franchise fee of $20,000, and $10,000 is the area development fee. 7% of the total monthly and yearly membership fees are the royalty fees for Planet Fitness. As of 2019, the count of corporate-owned gyms was eighty, and others are individually owned and operated. Crunch Fitness Crunch Fitness, incorporated in 1989 by Doug Levine, a former stockbroker, is a US-based brand of around 400 franchises owned by corporates and fitness clubs. It works and markets itself based on the tagline "No Judgments." Crunch Fitness believes it is an unfiltered philosophy, making them craft the community and the gym for all. It works on the values of positivity, fun, and inclusivity and believes in encouraging, empowering, and entertaining. So, if you are also willing to follow these values, then Crunch Fitness may be the right franchise choice or opportunity for you. The initial franchise fees are $25,000, and they offer personalized support. The royalty fees are 5% of monthly total gross sales, and the advertising fees are 2% of the monthly gross sales. Orangetheory Fitness Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), established in March 2010 by David Long, Ellen Latham, and Jerome Kern, is one of the renowned boutique fitness studio franchises. It is based in Boca Raton, Florida. This fitness brand has over one million members as of 2020. This fitness boutique has over 1300 studios expanded across 23 countries and 50 states. It works and operates on serious technology wherein heart rate monitors are worn around the forearm, chest, or wrist. All metrics are visible on the studio's screens and depicted on tablets attached to the rowers or treadmills in the updated studios. The initial franchise fees are $54,950 to $59,950, and the initial franchise terms are ten years. There is a royalty fee of 8% of the monthly gross sales. 
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13 must-have tips for choosing the right air duct cleaning company
Irrespective of the weather outside, technology has allowed humankind to create the ideal weather inside their house. With the help of advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, you can create your own ecosystem in your house. Several things constitute the HVAC systems, but the air ducts are of prime importance. They function as conduits to supply air, return air, and exhaust it from the home itself. But, like every other appliance, even HVAC systems need maintenance, especially air ducts. If the air ducts aren’t cleaned at regular intervals, gradually every visible surface will be covered in a thick layer of dust, dirt, and debris. These are the usual contents inside an air duct, but they are not visible to you as air ducts are hidden in the inner structure of the house. It is easy to forget about their existence. The usual “out of sight, out of mind” mantra doesn’t work here as the air ducts will end up being clogged with pollutants. It is essential to get the air ducts cleaned once in a while. A word to the wise—do not attempt to DIY the air duct cleaning process. Let professionals handle this as there are several things that can go wrong. In an attempt to save money, you might end up incurring more costs. So, use the browse through the Internet and put your research skills to use. There are certain things you need to know before you begin your search as this will help you streamline your quest to find the right duct cleaning company better. What are the things to know before opting for air duct cleaning services? Most people will find it hard to refuse an opportunity to get their air ducts cleaned at a cheaper price. However, these things never materialize the way you want them to. So, it is essential to be prepared to deal with the worst-case scenarios. If you are a novice at this, there are certain caveats you need to be well-versed with as they will prove effective in keeping scammers at bay. So, ensure that you gain the much-needed knowledge and acquaint yourself with the common techniques that some cleaning companies use to hoodwink innocent homeowners. Gauge whether the air duct cleaning is necessary or not: An important task you need to conform to before you call the duct cleaning services is to determine whether the air duct actually needs cleaning. For instance, if you are moving into a newly built house, you might have to conduct an immediate air duct cleaning. As a lot of construction debris, drywall scraps, and sawdust might end up in the air ducts post-construction, an air duct cleaning becomes necessary. Experts suggest that it is essential to get the air ducts cleaned every 7 to 10 years unless a family member has breathing issues; then you will need to get the air ducts cleaned more frequently. In such cases, you can get the cleaning done at a more affordable price. All you have to do is contact your HVAC provider and upgrade the furnace filtration in this situation. Doing so is more sensible than spending money every year on duct cleaning services. Include HVAC system cleaning as well: Usually, people assume that air duct cleaning is enough to improve the quality of the air in the house. However, this process is incomplete without a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system. But, there’s a catch here. Most duct cleaning companies aren’t allowed to touch the HVAC system unless they have a valid HVAC license. In case you wish to have your HVAC system cleaned as well, you can ask the cleaning services for their license number. This helps you crosscheck the legitimacy of the duct cleaning service’s offer on cleaning the HVAC system. Beware of upsellers: If you are getting your carpets cleaned, do not fall for the classic upselling trap that naive homeowners often fall into. Carpet cleaners often upsell their cleaning skills by offering to clean your air ducts along with the carpets. The rock-bottom price might appeal to your desire to save more money, but it can have serious repercussions. So, do not take the bait. There are several instances when carpet cleaning companies assert to clean your air ducts for a meager price. However, this “cleaning process” involves removing and vacuuming the registers, sticking their vacuum into the duct at the register, and re-attaching the register once they are done. This isn’t how professional air duct cleaning services work. It is imperative that you do not treat air duct cleaning as an add-on service and do not take up on the offer presented by the eager carpet cleaners. Do not fall for unsolicited pitches: There are several scams when it comes to air duct cleaning companies. A popular way of conning people is to call them and inform them that the cleaners will be in their neighborhood the coming week and will charge a ridiculously low price of about $25 to clean their air ducts. Do not fall for such scams as most of them don’t pan out, and the ones that do, the results are quite disastrous. So, be on guard against such scammers. You might end up shelling a lot more than just $25. Do not cave into the mold scare tactic: This is one of the oldest tricks most cleaning companies use to turn inquiries into a complete deal. Certain companies put a mold test kit in the house and hope that the test results will prompt you to take immediate action. If the mold test kit yields positive results, you will be advised to get your air ducts cleaned immediately. So, if any company asks you to get your air ducts cleaned due to a mold problem, double-check their inference by using your own test kit. You can buy this from any home improvement store. How to choose the right air duct system cleaning company? If you feel that you are qualified to make the right decision because you can identify scams, then gear up; this is just the groundwork. The real work begins at finding a duct cleaning company that meets your expectations. Identifying scams is just the first part of your journey to find a legit air duct cleaning company. There are several factors that go into the process of choosing a reliable duct cleaning company. It is essential to be well-acquainted with the various dictates of choosing the right duct cleaning service provider for your home. Extensive background research is a must: While looking for the right air duct cleaning services, you must conduct intensive background research of the company. You can inquire about the company's experience in cleaning air ducts. In case the company is relatively new to the air duct cleaning business, you can ask the employees about their prior experience. While you are at it, ask the companies for referrals from past clients to check whether the customers are satisfied with the services. You can even consult with your friends, neighbors, or other homeowners for referrals or recommendations of other air duct cleaning services. Another great way of finding the right air duct cleaning company is to use the handiest tool available at your disposal—the Internet. You can directly visit a company’s website and read the customer feedback testimonials as it will help cement your decision. When in doubt, contact the BBB: The BBB or Better Business Bureau is a private, non-profit organization that keeps a record of all the complaints that are filed with them against companies. If you have shortlisted certain duct cleaning services, you can run it by the BBB. This will give you a fair idea about the air duct cleaning company’s standing in the market. The BBB investigates how well a particular company handles the complaints against them, and the company is rated and graded on this basis. You have complete access to check out almost any company with the BBB. This proves to be quite beneficial as it offers parameters to compare the companies, and helps you make an informed choice. You can even base your decision on the ratings offered by the BBB. For instance, if a particular air duct cleaning service is graded F by the BBB, it is sensible to not do any kind of business with them. Insurance is a must: While you are looking for air duct cleaning companies, shortlist the ones that have insurance. This insurance comes in handy if you need reimbursements in case your home or any other personal property was damaged during the cleaning process. Although such situations are avoidable if you choose duct cleaning services that have experienced employees, it is always sensible to stay prepared for every possible scenario. Choose from NADCA-certified companies only: Another cardinal rule while browsing for the best duct cleaning services is to ensure that all the top contenders are NADCA certified. NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to publishing standards for safety, evaluation, and cleaning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts. This organization even offers several certifications for HVAC companies and professionals and has its own anti-fraud task force. The NADCA-certified duct cleaning services are trained and function in compliance with all the rules and regulations pertaining to safety while handling the process. You can confirm whether the duct cleaning companies are a part of the NADCA by visiting their official website. You can view the list of cleaning companies registered with the NADCA before hiring one. It is essential to adhere to this parameter as the members of this group have to follow a strict code of ethics and carry liability insurance to retain their membership. These companies can also address issues with the HVAC system along with ductwork. Check the type of treatments the company offers: When you are on the duct company’s website, check the type of treatments it offers. Whether they use chemical treatments or chemical bio-acids for cleaning purposes is an essential factor to consider while choosing an air duct cleaning service. These treatments are quite effective in cleaning the air duct and even preventing the future growth of biological substances in the air ducts. However, these chemical treatment methods can be harmful to your health. As a majority of these duct cleaning services offer chemical-based treatments, you need to find an intermediate solution. You can check with the cleaning company regarding the chemical products they use. All you have to do is go through the product label and read and verify the instructions pertaining to its use. This will help you understand how to protect yourself from any sort of harmful emissions. Verify and compare the services: Usually, air duct cleaning companies check your system for any existing asbestos as this would require them to use specialized cleaning procedures. Legit duct cleaning companies take measures to protect you and your pets from any contamination that can be a by-product of their cleaning process. These cleaning companies even protect your personal belongings. Another important task that every authentic duct cleaning company has to perform is to properly seal and insulate any visible holes that might have formed during their cleaning process. Shortlist companies that provide these services. Substantiate the rates and fees: Price is often the determining factor when it comes to choosing anything. So, before you finalize any duct cleaning company, get an estimate of the total expenditure. Determine whether the company will charge you by the hour or according to the treatment process they will undertake. There are instances when disputes pertaining to the price arise when the work is in motion. To prevent unnecessary hassles from popping up in the midst of the process, obtain a copy of the written agreement, which outlines the costs and fees you will be incurring. Determine the time taken for the entire procedure: Getting the air ducts cleaned is not a small task. It is essential that you discuss with the duct cleaning company about the time taken for the entire procedure. This allows you to make arrangements beforehand. So, address your concern regarding the time frame; whether it will take a few hours, several days, or if the cleaning process will be split over a series of days. These tips will help you make an informed decision. Choosing a duct cleaning company that offers what it promises at an affordable price, without flouting safety rules can be taxing. But, investing your time on research and inquiries will save the headache that follows shoddy work done at dirt-cheap rates.
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Understanding different categories of water damage for home restoration
Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." This statement can be true as you don’t simply go online, browse through the first property search, and readily purchase the first available option. You take utmost care in selecting your home and taking care of it. But there are some things that are not under your control, which will threaten to compromise the foundation of your home. A damage to your property is inevitable, and you must be ready to handle the situation and its challenges. Wind, hailstorms, torrential rains, and snowfall can result in the wear and tear of crucial components of your home. It is important that you know what should be done during such an emergency. One of the biggest threats can be the risk of water damage. From a simple faucet leak to excessive flooding due to rising water levels, severe water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your home and can even make it completely inhabitable. So, in difficult times, you will take the necessary steps and do everything you can to protect your home. The question then arises as to how can you protect your home from water damage? The answer lies in being fully aware of the process of water damage restoration. Understanding the process Water damage largely affects your primary source of usable water. It is one of the reasons why a prompt and efficient emergency water cleanup service must be hired. The first inspection is a step that will provide you with an estimate of the work that will be done, and help source services that tackle such repairs on a regular basis. A first inspection determines the type of service required as every repair job is unique depending on the category of water damage. A professional water mitigation contractor will conduct the first inspection to assess the category of water damage, the level of water intrusion, and the services necessary for a proper restoration. The contractor will give a quote or an estimate of the damage done and the cost of restoration on the basis of a report. Note that there are three main categories of water damage to assess the scale of restoration. Three primary categories of water damage A Category 1 classification indicates sanitary water damage where the source of the water leak is not contaminated. These include water leaks from broken tanks, pipes, and sources of clean water supply. A Category 2 leak is from toilet overflows or water containing detergents, and residue from your washing machine or dishwasher. The risk of contaminating the surrounding environment is fairly low in this case. A Category 3 leak is a major problem as the surrounding environment is contaminated with an unsanitary source of water. Sources include water from a sewage leak or flood damage due to bad weather. Key materials that make up the structure in and around your home including drywall and insulation must be replaced to restore your home. There are four common levels of water intrusion applicable to individual damage categories. The contractor must assess both the level of intrusion and the category of damage to provide an approximate time period for the restoration. For example, a simple leak or burst pipe is a class 1 intrusion and can be fixed in a matter of hours. Classes 2 and 3 vary in terms of damage depending on the source of the leak. A class 4 intrusion due to major flooding damage requires a complete overhaul. Depending on the type of damage, both local and national water damage cleaning companies provide premium services. Here is a detailed overview for more clarity on each category of restoration. Category 1 restoration A Category 1 water damage is not so severe as a minimal amount of water leaks from a single point of entry. There is little mitigation necessary to inspect the damage and the containment area is relatively small. Common examples include a burst pipe, a burst hot water tank, or even toilet tank flooding. The loss originates from a sanitary source of water and does not pose any major health risks. However, a basic restoration is possible only after the source of the leak has been identified and plugged. Water vacuum removal, air mover drying, and water containment are some of the ways that can help prevent the water from leaking among the basic services. The extent of additional repairs and home improvements necessary to restore your home will depend entirely on the severity of the leak. Ensure to keep in mind that local water damage cleanup services can tackle this type if only if it constitutes residential damage. The cost of restoration will vary among services depending on a number of factors. The website of National Disaster Recovery can help you narrow down the top contractors in your area. Category 2 restoration Water discharge from household appliances primarily results in Category 2 water damage. Alternatively referred to as “gray water,” flooding due to inefficient plumbing can cause severe water damage. Due to high porosity, the amount of water absorption is high. Note that gray water also poses a significant health risk due to inherent contamination via exposure to chemicals and compounds used for washing and rinsing purposes. Basic services and cleanup for this type of damage is similar to that of Category 1. However, the technicians have to exercise caution as the cleanup involves removal of both biological matter and detergents from various appliances. Category 3 restoration A Category 3 restoration is nothing short of a logistical nightmare. It originates from a contaminated water source. We are talking about complete overhaul wherein everything has to go! Only a premium service can tackle this magnitude of restoration. Everything from leaking faucets to irreversible sewage water damage must be tackled in a timely manner. Here is a detailed overview of the services under Category 3 restoration and what to expect from each one. Content and document restoration The first thing that comes to your mind is the collection of important documents, paperwork, and any physical contents kept in and around the household. Damage from a steady water leak can affect walls and insulation. Does this mean goodbye to old photographs and those priceless first editions? Not necessarily as residential document drying services can salvage most of what was damaged. A team of experts uses advanced tools and techniques to sort moist documents, remove moisture, and chemically treat stains. Appliance leaks and repair Household appliance leaks can gradually cause wear and tear. Water heaters, in particular, pose a serious risk of damage that can incur high costs. You must look out for signs of water damage due to the corrosion of internal components of the appliance. If the heater lets water accumulate at the bottom of the apparatus, it is a clear sign of a water leak. A whistling sound and shortage of hot water despite turning up the heat settings in the appliance also indicate damage due to corrosion and wear. Professional services not only help reverse the damages but also help prevent the possibility of appliance failure. Regular inspection of the heating appliance, installation of a catch pan for efficient and safe disposal of wastewater, and automatic shut off valves collectively reduce the likelihood of appliance failure. Installing a premium quality insulation blanket around the water tank will keep the temperature in check and reduce the risk of damage due to extreme temperature changes. As a precaution, it is advisable to opt for energy-efficient tankless water heaters, eliminating the need for a storage tank. Professional water damage restoration services can help install these safety systems to further reduce the risk of a leak. Sewage and wastewater Inefficient plumbing can cause sewage and wastewater to leak into spaces in and around the household making it a very unsanitary place. The source of the leak can be an internal structural fault in the plumbing and sewage exit system. A simple block can cause contaminated water to back up the pipes and trigger unexpected flooding. In such a case, major sewer repair and flood damage control are required to clean up and restore spaces. A professional grade restoration will result in the removal of all contaminated water, furnishings, carpet, and even the flooring if necessary. Furthermore, air movers decontaminate the atmosphere in the affected area to help dry the space until repairs can be carried out. Experts also clean and sanitize the complete room to prevent the spread of deadly viruses and illness-causing microbes. Note that the process for a Category 3 sewage leak is time-consuming and can be expensive. The contractor has to plan and map out the individual services in the aforementioned sequence to contain the leak. Basement flooding Basements are the first areas to flood, and chances are it is the last place you will look for the source of a leak. Also, heavy flooding or rain damage can completely destroy a basement due to poor space allocation and inadequate plumbing. Groundwater saturation due to heavy rains or unexpected flooding can force the water to seep into the basement through foundation leaks. The leak increases the hydrostatic pressure and can compromise the structural integrity of a home. Here, experts identify the leak and plug it. The pressure should be brought back to normal by using industrial grade equipment. Quick response is key to manage even the worst possible Category 3 leak. Roof repairs and restoration The roof is one of the most vulnerable structures prone to water damage. Heavy rain, shifting winds, and multiple inches of snowfall can lead to failure of roof structure. Aging roofs, saturated roofing materials, wind damage, and the buildup of ice dams will compromise the structure. The risk of water damage is high, as rapid melting and cooling of ice forces the water to accumulate in the exit pipes. You must call for a residential roof cleanup service to fix the external source of the leak. Carpet and upholstery cleaning Often, heavy flood damage renders the carpet worthless. Professional services provide carpet cleaning, drying, and floor restoration services. Multiple factors must be taken into account before the carpets can be cleaned. These include the age of the carpet or upholstery, the duration of water damage, and the type of water damage. For example, it is easy to manage water damage caused due to a flood from a clean water source. The water damage also does not pose any significant health threat to humans. However, gray water sources include discharge from washing machines and overflow from dishwashers. In such cases, the carpet or upholstery will need complete replacement. A prompt restoration will reduce the risk of health complications due to exposure to unsanitary sewage and drain water for Category 2 and 3 leaks. Drying and dehumidification The walls, insulation between walls, space under the flooring, HVAC systems, and vents are common areas prone to water damage. For this purpose, drying and dehumidification is done to ensure the structural integrity of the surrounding support columns and drywall. One should remember that water removal is not possible without plugging the leak first. After the process, air movers help evaporate the remaining water quickly and efficiently. Powerful dehumidifiers help extract the moisture from the air after drying. The process is necessary for a Category 3 restoration owing to unsanitary water sources. Water vapors from the resulting spill pose a health risk to the people in the household. The technicians take periodic readings to ensure the moisture content in the air is minimum. Humidity also triggers the growth of mold within just a couple of days of water damage or a leak. Mold can grow out of control quickly and can cause structural damage if left unchecked. Popular franchises for various categories of restoration 911 Restoration The franchise caters to both residential and commercial customers providing a wide range of services that can tackle substantial Category 2 water damage. 1-800 Water Damage The franchise offers timely response and quick grievance redressal right from the first inspection to the final handover after restoration. It focuses on maintaining key partnerships with insurance companies, property management companies, and water-related services to help streamline the process. Servpro Servpro is one of the oldest and premier services providing a complete restoration for Category 3 damage. It is also one of the best disaster management response companies in over 647 locations across the country. The franchise is known for its award-winning quick response and great turnaround time for professional services in water damage restoration. It is important to note that the companies mentioned here provide services for all three categories of water damage. Now that you know how the services work to help you rebuild your home, it is essential that you seek a quote first before starting any type of repairs. You must have an idea of how much the repairs and restoration will cost to make the necessary arrangements in advance. Owning your own home instills a sense of pride, and allows for personal freedom - keeping it in shipshape becomes your responsibility. So don't hesitate to call an expert if you face water damage.
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  • Five healthy drinks to aid your weight loss

    Our desire for luxury and our fast-paced life has affected everything right from our education, family life, our work to our health. It is very ironic that our ancestors who didn’t experience our sort of luxuries were the ones fitter than us and they definitely led happier and longer lives. Our health has become a real cause of concern as majority of the population suffers from cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, blood pressure related issues, PCOD, respiratory diseases, etc. Most of these ailments are triggered by obesity which is sadly on the rise because of the unhealthy lifestyle that everyone has adopted. Obesity in childhood is an invitation for a series of ailments that can leave us damaged for the rest of their lives. But again, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    If losing weight is your prime motive and you sweat it out for hours in the gym or practice yoga religiously , then there’s something that can act as a catalyst in helping you achieve your goals faster. These days people resort to plenty of health drinks that guarantee faster weight loss. Some of them are genuine ones while others merely play on people’s insecurities. But here are some genuine health drinks that would aid you in your journey to lose weight.

    • Green tea is one of the most effective health drinks that almost half of the population vouches for. It increases your metabolism and boosts your immunity system. If you feel queasy after a heavy lunch, sip on some green tea, you would notice the difference right away. Also, it is a great source of antioxidants!
    • The combination of lemon, honey and hot water  has been aiding weight loss since ages. It increases your metabolism which helps you burn your calories faster. Also, the honey in this combination energizes you when you workout.
    • Vegetable juices are a very popular choice when it comes to losing weight. It has a lot of fiber that helps reduce your food cravings and satiates you. You feel fuller once you had it and you won’t be eyeing the cookie jar for the next few hours.
    • Black coffee is credited with increasing your body temperature and thereby increasing your metabolic activity. Two cups of black coffee are enough keep your food cravings at the bay for a few hours.
    • Cranberry juice aids your weight loss as it is high in antioxidants and prevents water retention in your body. The added advantage is that it tastes yummy!

    These are just some of the few health drinks that help you in your journey to lose weight. You can definitely surf the internet for different ideas to make health drinks that can  bring you closer to your goal.

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  • What are 7 days gluten free diet plans?

    The 7 days gluten free diet plans specially designed by culinary experts and nutritionists are known to offer nutritionally balanced and delicious gluten-free meals at 5 different calorie levels. These 5-calorie levels include 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, and 2000 calories. The gluten free recipes do not include food products like barley, wheat, oats, and rye. In the meal plan are included some gluten-free products like cookies, pasta, and breads.

    Gluten Free-Diet Plan
    The 7 days gluten free diet plans for different calorie levels vary. For example, for the 1200-calorie level, the 7-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan that must be followed is as follows:
    You can have a quick breakfast such as taco, 1 medium orange, 1 cup skimmed milk on the first day, and 1 cup of honeydew melon can be eaten as the morning snack. For lunch you should eat a tossed salad (mix 1 cup with oil salad dressing and vinegar), sliced tomatoes, 1 cup skim milk, and 3 ounces cooked chicken breast without skin. For afternoon snack, it is best to have fresh baby carrots.

    Gluten Free Food for Dinner
    The last meal of the day, dinner, is also very important and you can have bistro beef tenderloin, half cup cooked brown rice, 1 medium nectarine, and half cup steamed green beans. All these food items are healthy gluten-free products that are scientifically proven as healthy foods. Including gluten-free foods in your diet is an excellent way to achieve the goal of weight loss. You can kick start your healthy regime with scientifically and nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the snack time and breakfast time gluten-free foods that can be relished include gluten-free lemon buddies, homemade original chex cereal, and gluten-free chili chocolate bars.

    Meal Planning
    It is difficult and challenging at times to plan a meal, especially when you need to follow a diet that is free from gluten. You can try out the 7 days gluten-free meal plans with simple gluten-free recipes available online. Starting with Sunday, the items that can be included for breakfast are yogurt parfait to go, flax and apple raisin oatmeal, creamy green smoothie with a hint of mint, sweet potato pancakes, egg and spinach bowls, gluten-free blueberry pancakes, and pomegranate banana ginger blast.

    Delicious Gluten Free meals
    These delicious and comprehensive meal plans designed for 7 days of a week are mouth-watering and very healthy to eat. Many different types of food items can be prepared with gluten-free ingredients and the recipes of gluten free meals are available online and even in recipe books. The gluten free diet is very useful and is included in the diet for treating celiac disease. You can enjoy these delicious meals that are free of gluten in restaurants also, if they have a gluten free menu. You can make use of the 7 days gluten free diet plans even for children with gluten intolerance, to help them fight celiac disease. The items that can be included for children are gluten free mini cherry crisps and gluten free honey nut vanilla parfait.

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