Benefits and guide to build a community garden

Community gardening can be a great hobby if you love nature. Gardening, in general, is very educational and makes you feel connected to mother earth. Gardening has many other benefits and advantages. Just spending quality time in a garden makes you positive and happy, you can only imagine the health benefits gardening has on you. It also makes you more compassionate as you are constantly caring for the plants you are nurturing.

Gardening is also known to bust stress and reduce your risk of a stroke. It helps you burn calories and while you work in the garden soaking up the sun, you get enough sunlight and soak up plenty of vitamin D, which helps strengthen your immune system.

A community garden is a great substitute for a personal garden. It is commonplace in a neighborhood where people who live in that neighborhood come together and do gardening collectively. There are many reasons for the existence of a community garden. Though the main reason is having your home grown vegetables and plants. Community gardens also help the people of that neighborhood to interact with each other and in turn have a strong community and give you a friendly environment to live in.

Community gardening also promotes healthy lifestyles. As mentioned above, gardening, in general, helps you with your health. Since a community garden is bigger than your personal garden, you get a variety of plants and vegetables grown by people in your vicinity. It also beautifies the neighborhood and promotes nature. Community gardens also restore oxygen and purify the air.

Community gardening also helps in personal skills such as math, general knowledge about the food, helps you understand the importance of community and teaches you stewardship. Keeps you aware of the environmental sustainability and other life skills. It is also a healthy alternative to the food you grow in your garden is organic and been taken care of by you and your community people.

If you do plan to start a community garden in your locality, here are some steps you need to take to get started:

  • Get in touch with people in your neighborhood and find out who all are interested in a community garden
  • Form a committee that will take major decisions about the garden on behalf of the entire neighborhood
  • Identify what you have and what you will need to get started with the garden have a plan
  • Collect funds from everyone who is willing to donate for this cause to buy the necessities
  • Find a place where you can have a garden. Make sure the site is big enough to accommodate a community garden, get enough sunlight and get all the legalities in place
  • Start the work along with others who have volunteered to start the garden
  • Organize the garden as per the plan and requirements
  • Set rules for the garden and gardening. It is essential to have certain rules and have them in writing
  • Remember that this is a huge responsibility and regular maintenance is required. Make sure everyone is involved in bringing up the community garden
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