Comparing chest freezers and commercial upright freezers

A freezer is an absolute necessity for business owners who deal with food items that need to be stored at low temperatures for optimizing their lifespan. These freezers work well at home as well for households with large families or for those households who have limited freezer space in their refrigerators.

When in the market to buy a freezer, you may always be at crossroads when it comes to choosing between chest freezers and upright freezers. Each of the freezer categories has its advantages and should be selected depending on one’s needs and budget. Here is a comparison of the two to help you decide which one to buy.

Storage capacity, price, and energy consumption

Chest freezers win the comparison when it comes to the storage capacity as compared to commercial upright freezers. The chest models help you utilize the maximum space available as compared to the vertical models.

Owing to the sidewall insulation technology, chest freezers are more energy efficient. This helps in maintaining low temperatures well and thereby using less power to run a chest freezer. Upright models with an auto defrost feature uses up more energy as compared to the chest models that mostly use a manual defrosting mechanism.

When it comes to the cost, commercial upright freezers are more expensive than the chest models. One of the features that make it more expensive is the frost free feature that keeps any unnecessary ice from building up inside the freezer and the things stored in it.

Convenience features

A lot of people prefer commercial upright freezer commercial upright freezers over chest freezers owing to the convenience of taking out the items placed in them. Chest models require the person to bend to take out anything from the freezer. This can be inconvenient especially when one needs to take out the items that are right at the bottom.

In terms of the organization, many upright freezers come with the option of adjustable shelving and racking. This helps you change the arrangements of the rack according to your needs and the sizes of the items you store in it. However, chest models are all the more convenient as it can store items of any size and shape.

Installation Requirements

When buying either of the freezer models, you need to keep in mind the spot in which the freezer is going to be placed at. Chest freezers take more floor space than upright ones. In the case of chest freezers, you need to make sure that there is ample space in the freezer so that the door can be opened fully without any hindrance if it opens upwards. This space above shouldn’t be a problem if the chest freezer has a sliding door. Also, consider the dimensions of the chest, and whether or not it can be placed at the spot, you plan to keep it. Sometimes the freezer may be too broad to pass through the door, keep this in mind when buying a chest freezer.

Apart from the overhead and floor space commercial upright freezers take up, you need to also consider some space as part of the distance between the fridge and the wall behind it if any. If the model of upright freezer you are looking at has reversible door features, then decide which side you want the door to open to before installing it. If the freezer does not have that option, then you need to consider the place where you intend to place it to avoid any hindrance from the door being opened to the fullest.

These are some of the points you can keep in mind when deciding between the chest and upright models.

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