4 luxury sedans that epitomize opulence

A luxury sedan is not just a symbol of status and power, but also a promise of comfort. Everything, right from the interior to the glossy exterior spells finesse and elegance. One glance at a luxury car, you’ll know that the rest of your journey will be smooth-sailing despite whatever nightmare the traffic cooks up. Luxury cars, especially sedans, are the perfect family cars as you and your family can travel to places in style and enjoy a tranquil ride.

So, take a look at the four most popular luxury sedans which outshine their competitors and have carved a niche for themselves in every car enthusiast’s heart.

The Buick Avenir Line
The Buick Avenir line of luxury cars consists of the Regal Avenir, Lacrosse Avenir, and Enclave Avenir; each of which is the culmination of a skilled blend of style, substance, and performance. The Regal Avenir which starts at $36,590 is available in 5 colors, has an intricate grille design, and the interior boasts of warm wood tones. Moreover, it is equipped with all the latest technologies that make modern life more convenient; the Lacrosse Avenir starts at $35,270 and has an advanced 9-speed automatic transmission. The interiors are crafted with quilt-stitched ebony or whisper beige perforated leather-appointed seating to ensure that the driver and the passengers savor the luxurious ride. The Enclave Avenir is the luxury-SUV that has garnered immense attention in the recent years. It starts at $53,500 and is hailed as the “highest expression of Buick Luxury”. This luxury-SUV has three rows of luxury seating, advanced suspension, and an alluring exterior that gives the SUV a premium finish.

The 2018 Lincoln Continental
This top-notch luxury sedan which starts at $45,160 has been upgraded to change its form to cater to the prospective customer’s needs. This luxury sedan has been hailed for its adaptability; its perfect position seats with active motion are what steal the show as they make comfort the apex of their craftsmanship. Moreover, the twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine ensures that you experience a powerful performance that is combined with the smoothness that luxury cars are supposed to offer to its passengers.

The Mercedes S-Class Sedan
The tagline that defines the Mercedes S-Class Sedan is “The one car every car aspires to be”, and this could not have been apter. The S-class which starts at $108,100, has the ability to anticipate the roads ahead; it can change lanes with the tap of your finger and slow itself for an exit or tollbooth. The interior of the S-Class is something that will leave anyone awestruck; it is sewn, sculpted, and equipped to provide the passengers with supreme comfort and convenience.

The Audi A8
The Audi A8 is considered to be one of the most popular “super luxury cars” in the world. This luxury sedan that starts at $82,500 ensures that the passengers are blown away by its athletic performance and superior interiors. It has one of the most powerful and fuel-efficient base engines. Moreover, the interiors are designed to radiate comfort and to make the passengers experience luxury at its best. The heated and ventilated comfort front seats and the four-zone automatic climate control do their jobs seamlessly, delivering an experience to remember.


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